I stand before you this morning with great pride in my heart for the magnanimous accomplishment by team KEMSA in securing the USAID KEMSA Medical Commodities Programme. I salute the KEMSA men and women for their hard work that has resulted in this achievement. I thank the USG/USAID in a very special way for the confidence and trust in KEMSA. KEMSA will not let you down. The Medical Commodities Programme award is a testimony of the invariable effort and commitment and dedication by KEMSA staff to implement our new business model which strives to quality deliver health care services to the door step of every health facility. KEMSA’s hardwork and systematic transformation has won the confidence of its partners and this morning we celebrate the largest direct US Government award to a state agency, globally totaling to USD 650M. The KEMSA Medical Commodities Programme will offer Supply Chain Services of US Government funded products; HIV/AIDS commodities, Family Planning, nutrition and malaria drugs. This contract covers up to five (5) years.
The program has four objectives: –
• To establish and maintain an efficient forecasting and acquisition systems for USG supported commodities.
• Establish and maintain an efficient, warehousing and distribution system for USG supported commodities.
• Establish and maintain a Quality Assurance (QA) Program for HIV commodities.
• Establish and sustain a framework for monitoring and evaluating supply chain reliability/efficiency.
This contract affirms KEMSA’s push to integrate parallel medical commodities supplies and gives credence to the fact that KEMSA supply chain systems meet world class standards. KEMSA has designed a unique model to cater for the needs of a devolved health care system. We reconfigured our systems, structure and processes to ensure uninterrupted medical commodities supply to public health facilities in the counties. Through this new and innovative business model, KEMSA has been able to create a flawless supply chain process that guarantees delivery of effective, efficient and sustainable supply chain services to public health facilities throughout the country.
We have established a web based Logistics Information Management System and an e-mobile service to offer reliable services to our customers in the counties. KEMSA’s operations have changed from our previous status, where the organization depended on funds from the government to procure to the current model where the Authority uses its own capital to buy medical commodities. In so doing, KEMSA has been able to successfully shift from a push system of drug supply to a fully demand-driven supply system based on a not-for profit self-sustaining commercial model. This KEMSA Medical Commodities Programme contract will therefore further support KEMSA to play its rightful role of being the strategic public medical logistics provider. I am glad to note the immense support KEMSA has received from the USG that led to the full automation of all KEMSA business processes throughout the entire organization.
Over time, USAID has funded KEMSA health systems strengthening while building the capacity of its staff to deliver quality health care services to all health facilities country wide. In line with our mission, KEMSA will provide reliable, affordable and quality health products and supply chain solutions to improve healthcare service delivery in Kenya and beyond