Frequently Asked Questions

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The National Supply Chain Centre is situated in Embakasi on Airport North Road.
KEMSA’s mandate is to procure, warehouse and distribute drugs and medical supplies for prescribed public health programs, the national strategic stock reserve, prescribed essential health packages and national referral hospitals.
Under Section 6 (2)h, KEMSA can "enter into association with any such bodies or organization within or outside Kenya as it may consider desirable or appropriate in furtherance or for the performance of its functions under this act."
KEMSA only serves public health facilities, Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith Based and other Not for Profit institutions. Section 6 (g) of the KEMSA act allows the KEMSA Board to incorporate, develop and operate a division or subsidiary of the Authority for the procurement, storage and supply of medical supplies to health facilities and institutions on a competitive and commercial basis but such commercial service shall be conducted without prejudice to the ordinary non-commercial supply system to public facilities.
KEMSA avails products within the Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies (EMMs) list and those demanded by customers.
KEMSA is a state corporation, therefore this will be a government to government procurement hence PPOA regulations are exempted.
KEMSA extends a 30-day credit period to its valued customers. Customers will be served upon receipt of an LPO.
Upon receipt of orders by KEMSA, processing starts immediately and deliveries are done within 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours depending on location of the health facility.
The Authority has a fully-fledged Quality Assurance Department, where all commodities are subjected to stringent quality assurance process. KEMSA also collaborates with the National Quality Control Laboratory and Pharmacy and Poisons Board to guarantee the quality of Health Products and Technologies supplied.
KEMSA procures commodities in bulk and enjoys economies of scale. Being a government body, KEMSA has no intention of making profits instead the focus is to recover operational costs for sustainability. Pricing Survey done by leading organizations have proven that KEMSA maintains best prices averaging about 20% more competitive than its competitors. The Authority remains committed to give best value for money.
KEMSA endeavours to replace commodities with quality issues within reasonable time possible. We work closely with the concerned supplier to replace the consignment within two weeks.
KEMSA products are competitively priced and are already highly discounted. However, from time to time KEMSA will consider extending promotion of commodities.
KEMSA has adopted an efficient distribution model, where logistical costs form a percentage of the value of products procured, given that we undertake door step delivery.