The article discusses KEMSA's transformation agenda, focusing on enhancing governance, procurement, and operational efficiency. The Chair welcomes attendees and acknowledges strategic partners such as the Ministry of Health and USAID. The objectives of the FY 2022/2023 stock take include assessing stock status, valuation, and reconciling physical counts with ERP system data. The dedication of KEMSA staff across various departments is recognized for their efforts in this exercise. Emphasis is placed on completing the stock take efficiently and accurately, with a committee addressing any discrepancies to ensure accountability.

a) Welcome Remarks
  • I extend a warm welcome to all present here today.
b) Recognition of Strategic Partners Present
The office of the CEO acknowledges and appreciates the presence of our esteemed strategic partners.

  • Office of the Auditor General
  • The Principal Secretary representative - Ministry of Health
  • National Global Fund Coordinator
  • World Bank; Transforming Health Sector for Universal Coverage (THSUC)
  • USAID/Kenya and East Africa/RFMS
  • Transforming Health Sector for Universal Coverage
  • UNICEF Kenya County office
  • National Council for People with Disabilities (NCPWD)
  • Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
  • The MAX Foundation
  • Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)
  • Global Fund LFA
c) Objective of FY 2022/2023 Stock Take

The objectives of this year's stock take are to;
  • Establish the stock holding status in accordance with government regulations, best practices, and Finance SOPs.
  • Determine valuation of the stocks held at KEMSA.
  • Reconcile the ERP system quantities with the physical stock in all depots.
  • Recognize Staff Present for the Exercise

d) Recognize Staff Present for the exercise
The office of the CEO would like to recognize and express gratitude for the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff in ensuring the success of this exercise. We acknowledge that many of you have worked throughout the weekend and public holiday to make this event possible.
Thank you to the warehouse team for your outstanding work in arranging the stock and taking on custodial responsibility. A special recognition goes to the Operators team (Asanteni Sana). The Bulk Pickers, your team has done an exceptional job, and we are aware of your valuable contributions (Asanteni sana).
Finance Team – Thank you for your timely planning and your continuous efforts to improve the stock taking process.
We must also acknowledge the presence of staff from other departments, who have shown up for the exercise, including Administration, Human Resources, Procurement, Distribution, Quality Assurance, Programs, Planning, Audit, and Security. Let us all give our best in this endeavor.

e) Timelines, Accuracy and Efficiency
We have continuously strived to improve the stock take exercise, and now it's time to demonstrate our capabilities by completing the process in the shortest time possible
  • Physical Counting to be done in three Days between
  • Reconciliation and uploading to be done
  • Depots physical counting and reconciliation
To ensure accurate records, the HR office will maintain a register of participation.

f) Stock Take Variances
All variances discovered during the stock take will be addressed by a committee appointed by the CEO. I encourage the bulk pickers to maintain accountability and integrity by providing reasons for historical variances.